Angers was the capital of Anjou which belonged to the Plantagenet Kings. Richard the lion heart, Henry the second and the heart of Henry the Third were buried at Fontevrault nearby. Angers is dominated by the great fortress which was built by St Louis c1230. The fortress has 17 round towers and splendid gardens which lead on to the castle moats. It contains the famous apocalypse tapestry which was commissioned by Nicolas Bataille for Duke Louis 1 of Anjou c1380. The tapestry closely follows the text of the Apocalypse as told by John. Also, in the fortress are the royal apartments with a collection of Mediaeval Tapestries. Angers can be a centre for exploring the Chateaux of the Loire. An easy excursion to the interesting city of Nantes.

From Gare du Nord to Paris Montparnasse
Line 4-24 minutes
Allow at least 1 hour from Eurostar to Montparnasse

Suggested Train times:
Paris to Angers-1 hour 30 minutes
Departure: 15:34-17:14

Accommodation: Hotel de France-Across the road from the train station and 10-minute walk from the chateau

Food: The Loire valley is renowned for its simple, healthy dishes and of course its famous selection of wines. There's a wide variety of restaurants catering to all price ranges. Speciality include Crepes, veau and rillettes

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